C0269 abs code

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Joined Feb 7, I cannot for the life of me figure this code out. I have just went through the entire truck replaced everything, flushed the engine, transmission and rear differential, new air and fuel filter, new bulbs, i went and got a new ABS sensor for the front because that's what i thought it was, but now it's not.

Anyone know how to fix this C ABS code? Joined Nov 11, Joined Oct 24, Pikey said:. I found this, I don't know much about it, but maybe it will help. The red Brake warning indicator may turn ON.

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Use a scan tool in order to clear the DTC. Thoroughly inspect connections or circuitry that may cause an intermittent malfunction. If the customer's concern is that the ABS indicator is on only during humid conditions such as rain, snow or vehicle wash, thoroughly inspect the wheel speed sensor circuits for signs of water intrusion.

Use the following procedure in order to help isolate the problem area: Spray the suspected area with a 5 percent salt water solution. Repair or replace the suspect harness if the DTC sets. Test Description The numbers below refer to the step numbers on the diagnostic table.

Measure the resistance of the wheel speed sensor in order to determine if the sensor has a valid resistance value. Ensures that the wheel speed sensor is generating a valid AC voltage output.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jan 21, What can I do to fix it? Since my suburban has the auto 4wd system it will not going into 4wd, so I need to get it fixed.

Joined Apr 20, I will have to try it when I have free time. Joined Feb 20, Joined Dec 1, Video and all. Joined Jun 25, I have code c on a gmc envoy, I replaced the computer before reading stuff online Joined Oct 18, Joined Jan 28, Hey everyone.

c0269 abs code

Know this is an older post but it went out unanswered. Hope this helps. Here is the repair video for the C Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Read More. Is there an 8. Thanks, john. Can someone help with some advice or suggestions? My truck has issues with the auto door locks sporadically locking and unlocking by themselves, this even continues throughout the night. I removed the accessory power fuse for them, so I can manually lock my doors without them unlocking I have recently replaced the plugs and wires, battery was about two years old, so I decided to try the advice to clean out the throttle body.

It did have some build-up over k miles.

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When my son was holding the gas Any mechanic members in TN? Just keeps turning over and no starting. Had the fuel pump and gas tank replaced about a month ago fuel pump went bad, gas tank had a rust hole in the top. Same awesome shop I always take my truck to.I have a c ABS code. What does this mean and how to I troubleshoot it? Do you. Hello, This sounds like you have a control relay that is not working or you have a bad connection and the relay.

If DTC C sets, go to step 6. If DTC C does not set, go to next step. If DTC C is also set, go to next step.

c0269 abs code

If DTC C is not set, problem is intermittent. Turn ignition off. Disconnect EBCM harness connector containing the battery positive voltage circuit. Connect a test light between the battery positive voltage circuit and a good ground.

If test light illuminates, go to step 5. If test light does not illuminate, go to next step. Repair open in battery positive voltage circuit.

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After repairs, go to step Check for poor connections at EBCM harness connector. Repair as necessary. If connections are okay, go to next step. If resistance is 0. If resistance is not 0. Check resistance between the high side of pump motor and a good ground. If resistance reading is infinite, go to step 9.

If resistance reading is not infinite, go to next step. Using scan tool, perform tire size calibration procedure and trim level calibration procedure if applicable. Replace EBCM.

C0267 - ABS Pump Motor Circuit Open

After replacing EBCM, go to step Using scan tool, clear DTCs. Operate vehicle at speeds greater than 4 MPH. Recheck DTCs. If DTC resets, go to step 1. If DTC does not reset, system is okay. Check out the diagrams Below. Please let us know what you find. Cheers Images Click to enlarge. Was this answer. Please login or register to post a reply. The Problem Is Intermittent It Is Under TheBrought it to my mechanic and got a computer scan read out. Can you tell me what these codes mean?

I know it something to do with my ABS. Thanks, Julie. Answer: Hello Julie. This can also be a ground problem. With the fact that both these codes have a ground circuit in common, that would be the first thing to have checked. The ground for the EBCM is located on the left side of the frame under the truck.

Just about right under the drivers seat- on the frame of the truck. Have that bolt that holds that ground on removed, cleaned and re-installed. Then clear the codes. If the code returns, then the EBCM itself may be faulty. Some testing of the power and ground circuits would be needed to be done before just having the EBCM replaced, since it is a very expensive item. But if the wiring, grounds and power feed circuits are OK, the problem is most likely that ABS module.

You do NOT need to disconnect any brake lines at all to do this job. Once the unit is loose from the frame, disconnect the wiring connectors to the EBCM. You can pull down on it a bit and see there are 4 small Torx bolts that hold the EBCM to the modulator valve.

ABS brake issues

These may have some rust built up on them, so be careful removing them. If not, reuse the old ones. Clean the sealing area with a rag and install the new EBCM.

Install and tighten the 4 Torx bolts and then re-attach the whole unit back to the frame.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jun 5, Seems it is a common failure with these trucks since some guys on ebay seem to repair them.

Anyone have any schematics on this of what the common failure is?

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Sounds like it must be a bad solder job or something, wouldn't mind trying to fix it my self. Joined Jul 27, As you already know the problem is with the ABS, seems that this code may be caused by a poor ground connection, but here are a couple of links to check out.

Joined Feb 26, Look right under your driver door and you will see the ground wires. My truck has 2 seperate wires and bolts that ground them. It doesn't hurt to remove the bolt, clean the threads and sand the frame. Install the bolt and paint it blac to seal it. Ya I found it, the truck had original one owner and no accidents and was under coated, I think the problem is the pump it self.

Jimmiee said:. Joined Aug 27, Joined Apr 13, The fix seems to work on my Envoy! Join the discussion.Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector's pins. Cost of diagnosing the C code Labor: 1. The auto repair labor rates vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. The low side of the pump motor has a feedback circuit to the EBCM. When the pump motor is commanded OFF and at rest, feedback voltage is high.

The EBCM monitors this feedback voltage in order to determine if the motor is functioning properly. C More Information Need more information on how to fix the C code?


Get Access to Factory Service Manuals. Need more help? Get the C code diagnosed by a professional: Find a repair shop in your area. Related Information. C Comments Help us improve AutoCodes. Leave a comment below or tell us if the information above help you fix the code. What are the symptoms on your vehicle for the C code?

Have you replaced any parts? Any information is appreciated. Repair Importance Level: 3. Why is the Engine Light ON? Home - About AutoCodes. Posted and Edit by AutoCodes.Abs light frustration.

C0269 GMC - Excessive Dump/Isolation Time

Abs pump motor circuit short. Changed ebcm and checked grounds. How can I test my and pump to see if it's operable. Abs light seems to come on after a test at a low speed. What do you think?

c0269 abs code

Typically when you get this code it is because the pump is not functioning. Most of the time it is caused by the pump windings in the motor failing which will cause an improper voltage feedback which sets the code.

The pump can typically be tested with the right scan tool that can be used to turn it off and on. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Robert Tomashek Automotive Mechanic. Thank Robert. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions.

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